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Lawyer Dr. Clemens Lintschinger

Dr. Clemens Lintschinger, MSc
Fleischmarkt 1/ 6. Stock
c/o Business Center Regus
A-1010 Vienna

Focal Points

Medical Law | Construction Law (Anti) Claim Management | State Aid Law | Data Protection Law | Company law | Fundamental Freedoms | Liability Law | Real Estate Law | Cartel Law | SMEs – Small and Medium Enterprises | Liberalization and Regulation | Trademark, Design and Copyright Law | Residence Permits | Public Law | Travel Law | Criminal Law | Business Formation | Event Law | Associations | Public Procurement Law | Competition Law


Your topic can not be found? Gladly I am willing to deal with new areas of law in collaboration with you and to submit their problems to a legal review. I do not shrink back from any issue and can guarantee to provide you with high quality legal


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Professional Counseling

Counseling on legal questions demands a high degree of responsibility and commitment. Furthermore, it has to consider economical aspects to a special degree. Besides counseling at the highest professional level, I focus on evaluation of possible economical consequences, in order to achieve the most economically reasonable solution for companies as well as public clients

Pursuing Goals on a Partnership Basis

Diverse experiences in manifold spheres of action and the ability to think outside the legal box lead to the joint achievement of creative and surprising solutions.

Eradicating Oppositions

Legal oppositions can be eliminated. If an undertaking proves allegedly forlorn or if a conflict situation appears unsolvable, we will jointly develop an alternative in order to implement your project.

Personal and Individual Counseling

Your concern is important to you and you are important to me. As self-employed lawyer I am your contact and will remain so. Hence, personal and individual counseling is guaranteed. Around the clock and seven days a week.

With the beginning of the semester 2013/2014 Dr. Clemens Lintschinger, MSc, works as a lecturer for real estate management at the Middlesexuniversity of London. The MBA course can also be attended by Austrian prospects. Application is open to: