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Inhouse Trainings

Inhouse trainings for the management body and employees are designed individually on demand according to your aims and tailored to the participants’ previous knowledge. In workshops we jointly work out the legal framework for the development of your project ideas. Trainings and workshops can take place either at my office or, if requested, at your company. Please contact me, so that I can offer you trainings according to your needs.

Function as Referent

I am also readily available for information events and lectures.

Public Seminars

The maximum number of participants for seminars at the chambers is 10 people. There is full flexibility: feeless cancellation is possible until the penultimate workday. For less than three registrations I ask you to understand that I reserve for myself a timely (one week before at the latest) cancellation.


Kurse Volkshochschule POLYCOLLEGE 2013/2014

(Anmeldung VHS polycollege unter:

12.11.2013 Vereinswesen 18:00-20:00
26.11.2013 Immobilien(ver)kauf 18:00-20:00
04.04.2014 Vereinswesen 18:00-20:00
22.04.2014 Immobilien(ver)kauf 18:00-20:00

Kurse Volkshochschule PENZING 2013/2014

(Anmeldung VHS polycollege unter:
08.11.2013 Immobilienrecht durchleuchtet: Tipps für Käufer und Verkäufer 17:00-19:00
28.03.2014 Immobilienrecht durchleuchtet: Tipps für Käufer und Verkäufer 17:00-19:00


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